A downloadable game for Windows

What would you sacrifice to save your child?  

What terrible price would you be willing to let the world pay?

Better Left Closed is a very short survival horror (more suspense than horror) where you must find 5 fragments of a shattered artifact in 5 minutes or the entire world will be bathed in darkness and overrun by terrifying wraiths.   Find the shards and close the door to their world before they consume you!  Quick fun, replay-ability!  Try and try again to get your best time!

Made with RPGMaker.

Install instructions

Run the install file, and you should be ready to go!


blc_setup.exe 131 MB


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This game is just a quick-and-dirty single map challenge.  There's no real meat to the story, but it was definitely a fun test-bed for me to learn the basics and create a "game" from beginning to end.